Squatch Central: Inside The Bricc House

If you’ve been living inside of a Squatch cave and don’t know, we take our soap pretty seriously. So seriously in fact, we have our own full-scale manufacturing facility! Located right here in the USA, the Bricc House is where we make those championship briccs you’ve come to know and love. So, if you’ve ever wondered where our legendary soap comes from, get ready to take a peek inside.

Welcome To The Bricc House

Located in Compton, CA, the Bricc House is our soap production and packaging facility where it all goes down. Once you step inside you’re immediately struck by how amazing it smells. All of those manly scents that awaken your senses every morning in the shower are prevalent everywhere. By the numbers, the dedicated Bricc House team is making hundreds of thousands of bars each month! So yeah, that’s a lotta soap!

The Bricc House Team

You may not think about it when you’re scrubbing up with Squatch or shopping our site, but there are people behind our soap! The only more amazing thing than the scale of our bricc-making operation is the incredible team that makes the Bricc House run. It’s home to around 100 diverse and passionate team members. From packers to cutters to warehouse managers and beyond, the team is the lifeblood of our soap-making business. So shout out to the hardworking folks who are making everyone’s soap dreams a reality!

How The Sausage, Er Soap Is Made

Now that you’ve got the basics down, let’s take our tour to the next level and run through how it all happens, this natural soap ain’t gonna make itself!


Step 1: Compounding + Mixing
This is where it all beings. We first create a base mixture of natural oils and the individual fragrances that give our briccs their manly scent.


Step 2: Blending
Once the base is mixed the blending begins. First, any additional bricc-specific natural ingredients, like exfoliators, are mixed in. Then comes the lye. In the same way that you add flour or cornstarch to thicken up a tasty sauce, lye is added in cold process soap making to activate the base mixture, create the natural soap, and start the solidifying process.

Step 3: Pouring + Chill
From there the completed soap mixture is poured into large-scale molds where they’ll chill out to solidify into their final form.



Step 4: Cutting + Final Drying
Once the soap in the molds is good and rested they’re cut twice. First into large logs called “loaves” and then into individual briccs. After being cut, the briccs take one final nap to dry and solidify completely.

Step 5: QA + Packaging
We’re almost home! The last step in our bricc-making process is final quality check (checks are also performed at each stage too) and packing for shipment. Before you know it, that bricc is sitting in your shower ready to take your lather to a new level.

We’re passionate about every step of what we do at Dr. Squatch, from the initial soap idea to the final packaging and shipping. While it may not be the easiest or cheapest way to make soap, we firmly believe it’s the absolute best way to do it. We’re proud to have such an amazing team that works so hard to bring all of our products to life and then into yours. Hopefully you enjoyed your (sort of) tour of The Bricc House, we’ll see you in your shower soon. Wait…that sounded weird.

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