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A Guide to Fragrance – Choosing a Cologne that Compliments Your Soap

Most men pick a scent or group of scents that they like and loyally stick with them. After a while, this can get boring, even if the smell is awesome. Some guys take their scent game to the next level through scent layering.

Scent layering is a way to get fresh new scents from products you already own. It may sound complicated, but finding the best scent combinations is easier than you may think. Today we will teach you how to layer fragrances and even help you with pairing soap with cologne to make the perfect scent.

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What is Fragrance Layering?

Fragrance layering is merely putting two scents on top of each other to make a unique scent. For example, layer two cologne scents together to create a new scent. You can also choose to layer different forms of scents together. You can layer your soap with cologne, soap with aftershave, aftershave with cologne, or really any two types of fragrance.

Note that this is not the same as mixing two scents together. When you combine two scents, you are making a new product, and it is uniform throughout. Layering requires that you put on unique layers of each scent to form the new fragrance. The biggest advantage to layering over mixing is that you have greater control over the scent creation. 

Now that you know what scent layering is, it’s time to learn some basics about how to layer fragrances. The following tips apply to all forms of scents and scent pairings.

Stay in the Same Family – When you’re first starting out, your best option is to stay in the same scent family. Scents in the same category tend to be the best scent combinations. Keep citrus smells with other citrus smells, woody with other woody smells, and so on. As you get more experienced, you can try some opposite fragrances, but keep it simple to start. 

Lightly Layer – Beginners often make the mistake of a double application when layering. This can result in an overpowering smell that ultimately defeats the purpose. Take the number of spritzes you would use in general and split it up between the four scents. If you usually spritz four times with your usual scent, split those up between the two you’re layering.

Heavy, Then Light – If you are experimenting with scents and one is stronger than the other, apply it as the first layer and follow it with the lighter scent. In this case, you may have to use a 2:1 ratio of two spritzes of lighter fragrance for every spritz of heavier scent. 

Moisturize – If your skin is moisturized, it is primed for the application of scent. If you’re using a natural soap like Dr. Squatch bar soap, then your skin may already be prepped. For the rest, consider moisturizing your skin to help the skin bond better with your scents.

Test Ahead of Time – There’s nothing worse than applying a new scent and discovering halfway through your day that it isn’t working. Take some time to test your scents before using them in public. A good rule of thumb is to layer your scent and wait an hour to see how the new blend mixes with your natural oils and pheromones.

Pairing Your Cologne With Your Soap

When men think about scent layering, it’s usually limited to cologne or pairing cologne and aftershave. What they fail to realize is that scent layering can start with your shower. We are all familiar with scented soaps, and most have strong fragrances that can linger throughout the day.

If you’re smart and are using a natural soap like Dr. Squatch, then you already have a solid base fragrance on your skin. The trick now is to find a cologne that will adequately work with your soap to create a unique smell. If you want to skip the synthetics stuff, check out Dr. Squatch’s line of natural colognes.

As already mentioned, you can start out simple and pair your soap with cologne in the same smell family. For example, if you are using Dr. Squatch Pine Tar soap, you may want to try and pair their Crushed Pine cologne to complete that woodsy outdoor smell. Their Beechwood Bourbon has a blend of sandalwood and citrus that would go well with their Cedar Citrus soap or Bay Rum soap.

For maximum effect, it is best to apply your cologne directly after showering. Since you are freshly showered, the scent of your soap is at its strongest, this is a great time to layer your fragrance. A little on your neck, wrists, and inside your elbow should be adequate. If you can’t apply your scent right away, one small hack you could try before application is to quickly wash your hands with the same soap you’re using in the shower to freshen up your smell.

As you get more comfortable with layering, you can test out new combinations, including opposing scents to see what works and which flop. Wash your hands and arms with your preferred soap and then test the new opposing scent. Alternatively, use a new soap and pair it with your standard cologne.

Freshen Up Your Scent Collection By Layering

Layering isn’t for everyone. Some of us prefer to use cologne as it is originally designed, or we are perfectly happy with the scent we’re already using. Then there are those who prefer to try something different from time to time or maybe they just want to have some fun with their scent collection.

The great part about layering is that you don’t have to buy new products to experience new scents. Just play around with what you have to find the best scent combinations. It’s not always going to work. There are times you’re going to rush back to the sink to get rid of the stink. However, there are also going to be times you find that killer scent that will get you noticed and have others asking where they can buy your signature scent.

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