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Grooming Mistakes Women Hate

It’s a fact that women are attracted to men who take care of themselves, and there’s no quicker way to turn off women (and pretty much everyone else!) than not paying attention to your grooming. No matter who you are, your personal care routine is one of the easiest things you can pay attention to in order to make sure you’re looking and smelling like an absolute champ!

With that in mind, we polled a few of our favorite women, sifted through the opinions, and put together a list of grooming mistakes you want to make sure to avoid, and the easiest ways you can keep yourself in top notch form.


Mistake #1: A Wild, Unkempt Beard

As we’ve talked about before, a beard is a privilege, not a right, and you’ve got to use your face fur powers wisely. That means taking good care of your beard. Not only is a wild caveman beard gonna look rough, but it can also be scratchy and uncomfortable for you and any other faces your beard may be rubbing up against if you know what we mean.

The Fix: A proper beard trim and fade plus regular doses of beard oil to keep that rug soft, manageable, and moisturized.


Mistake #2: Unruly Nose Hair and Eyebrows

Unless you’re NBA Superstar and trademark holder Anthony Davis, the unibrow is not a good look. While comedy gawd Eugene Levy can get away with bushy caterpillars above his eyes, it’s time to take those shades down a notch. The same goes for your nose hair, not a good vibe at all, no matter what the circumstances. Great news though, these fixes are simple, take 30 seconds, and go A LONG way into contributing to an overall sharp, well-groomed look.

The Fix: Regular trimming with a small shaver or a pair of clippers will keep things in check.


Mistake #3: B.O. and Armpit Stains

Probably an obvious one, but not paying attention to your funk is a quick way to turn off any women in your radius, not to mention LITERALLY EVERYONE ELSE. Even if you are using some kind of protection, aluminum-filled antiperspirants can also leave your shirts with embarrassing pit stains. Definitely not a good look either. 

The Fix: Natural deodorant is going to give you the odor-fighting protection you need without harsh chemicals, plus it’s easy on those pits as well. Also, natural deodorant doesn’t contain aluminum so it’s going to help you avoid those nasty, embarrassing pit stains that are actually caused by aluminum, not your sweat.


Mistake #4: Dry, Flaky Skin

You’re not too manly to not care about your skin, trust us. Not only is dry, flaky skin a major turnoff, but it’s also bad for you in the long run. Proper skincare is an important part of your overall personal care routine and will help keep you looking and feeling your most handsome. 

The Fix: It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated but finding the right routine is critical. Simple steps like moisturizing, good shaving techniques, and using natural soap that’s great for your skin is the easiest way to better looking, healthier skin. 


Mistake #5: Dirty Fingernails

An overwhelmingly popular response among the women we spoke to, dirty, gross fingernails were a MASSIVE no. It may seem like such a simple thing, but it makes a huge difference in how you look and are perceived, especially to the opposite sex. Taking the time to clean and trim your nails is such an easy thing to do and it pays huge dividends.

The Fix: Keep those claws trimmed and filed regularly and always take the time to clean your fingernails properly when washing your hands.


Mistake #6: Bad Breath

Hearing “Dude, your breath reeks.” is an absolute nightmare scenario for anyone, especially in a dating or close contact situation. So maybe it’s obvious, but keeping your breath in check is hugely important, no matter who you’re with. 

The Fix: This one’s easy, right? Regular brushing with a good toothpaste, checkups, and the occasional mint or gum are gonna keep you in great shape in the breath department. That said, sometimes persistent bad breath can be a more serious problem that could require professional help from a dentist. There’s no shame, just make the effort to look into it.


Mistake #7: Too Much Cologne/Deodorant

Don’t be that guy, seriously. You know him…or, rather, you can smell him before he even arrives. We get it, you wanna smell good, a great choice that shows you’re putting in the effort! But, in the case of cologne/deodorant, less is definitely more. While scent choice is definitely personal, lighter, natural scents are always a good place to start if you’re unsure about your cologne expertise.

The Fix: The key thing to remember: go light on the spray. There are a few methods for application but the main thing to keep in mind is that one spritz is probably enough. Alternatively, try non-spray colognes that you can dab on for greater control and precision placement. Protip: One small dab on each side of the neck right at your chest is the move.

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