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Essential Grooming Items to Pack in Your Gym Bag

Is your gym game on point? Many of us go to the gym on a regular basis, and it’s clear that some of you have never been schooled on what to pack in your gym bag. You know what to do to maximize your workout, but then you fall short when it comes to cleaning up afterward.

Going to the gym is a lot like being a boy scout. You need to be prepared. Always. Lucky for you, we’re here to give you the lowdown on what to pack in your gym bag for when you’re done with your workout.  This way you leave the gym smelling like a man, and not like smelly gym socks. To have some more man knowledge dropped on you, check out the Dr. Squatch blog.

Set of Gym Clothes

You’re going to sweat at the gym – a lot. That sweat and odor makes whatever you’re wearing unsuitable to wear in public. Pack a set of gym clothes in your gym bag, so you don’t saturate your regular clothes with gym odor. Make sure it’s a complete change of clothing, including underwear and socks.

Also, it’s a good idea to either hang your clothes in your locker rather than putting them in your gym bag. Your gym bag will likely retain the odor from your workout clothes, and you don’t want any of that transferring to the clothes you’ll wear out in public.

Shower Essentials

You know how nasty you get while working out. Only toweling off or using sanitary wipes isn’t going to do the trick to get you smelling decent again. That’s why you should carry shower essentials in your gym bag. Dr. Squatch offers the best men’s grooming kit that includes their natural bar soapshampoo, and conditioner. Not only will you be squeaky clean, but your skin will be nourished and moisturized as well.


 A shower is great, but some of us need a little extra help to keep away body odor throughout the day. Keep some deodorant in your gym bag for use after you take your shower, especially if you have a tendency to sweat.

Shaving Products

It may seem a bit odd to carry shaving products in your gym bag, but if you plan to work out later in the day, there’s a good chance you grow the old 5 o’clock shadow. It can’t hurt to have some shaving cream and a razor on hand. A perfect complement to the best men’s grooming kit is Dr. Squatch’s natural shave bar. It nourishes your skin and helps you get a smooth shave.

First Aid Kit

This might not seem like a grooming item, but what happens if you get a blister or cut while working out? It’s a good idea to keep a first aid kit handy. With a first aid kit on hand, you can quickly take care of any minor accidents and clean any wounds to prevent infection.

A Pair of Microfiber Towels

Gym towels are good, but they aren’t always the most absorbent. Also, what happens when the gym runs out of clean towels? It is a good idea to have at least two microfiber towels in your gym bag. They can help get all that excess sweat off while you’re working out. If you’re prone to excessively sweat, keep as many in your bag as you think you’ll need.

Body Towel

Unless you like going around showing off your magnificent manliness, it’s a good idea to bring a body towel. Not only is it a good idea for modesty, but it can double to help dry you off after showering.

Shower Slippers

Shower slippers serve multiple purposes. First, they keep you from having to walk on the mucky mess that becomes the locker room floor. Walking through that wet mess is not only gross but is also a perfect way to transfer bacteria to your skin. Wearing shower shoes keeps you from walking through that mess. Also, they give your feet extra grip while you’re in the shower to help prevent falls.

Comb or Brush

You don’t want your hair looking like a tangled mess. Have a wide-toothed comb available to groom your magnificent mane after you shower. Of course, if your hair is extra luxurious, you can always opt for a hairbrush.

Get Your Post Workout Routine On Point

By including the items listed above, you will know what to pack in your gym bag for both your workouts and for the inevitable cleanup afterward.

When you leave the gym, you’ll be invigorated from your workout, properly groomed and ready to take on the rest of your day. Your gym game will be on point, and other men will be inspired to up their gym game to match yours.

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