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Behind the Bricc: Halo Spartan Scrub

One word: Halo. A legendary game among legendary games, and one of the most influential first-person shooters of all time. So yeah, you better believe we made soap with it. With gamers and Halo hardcores alike on Team Squatch, we were stoked to dive into Halo’s lore as we developed this all-new signature bricc. What emerged from the minds of our partnership and product teams was….*dramatic music*… Spartan Scrub. Ready for an inside look? Strap on your Mjolnir armor, grab your battle rifle, and let’s do this.

The Theme: A Battle-Ready Bricc

With a game series as packed with lore and depth, tapping into the Halo universe was a dream come true for the creative minds on our team. Ultimately we wanted to honor the game’s legacy with a bricc that appealed to both gamers and non-Halo players alike. Talking about some inspiration, Kiel, Dr. Squatch’s Partnerships & Affiliate Marketing Manager, says “As we worked on ideas internally, we knew we wanted to focus on the game’s hero, the Master Chief. From there, we developed the idea that the bar should lean into the same types of themes that represent the character: valor, heroism, and victory.” But it goes deeper than that too. We also wanted to create a bar that echoed aspects of our mission at Dr. Squatch, like empowering Squatch Nation to feel confident and strive for excellence as they face their everyday battles. With the bar concept and themes set, our product team then began developing the bricc’s design, ingredients, and scent.

Design & Ingredients: Bringing The Game To Life

The unique design and ingredients in each and every Squatch bar play a critical role in the overall experience. The briccs combine natural, beneficial ingredients as well as tie in the bricc’s theme for a truly transportive experience. For Spartan Scrub our team wanted to create a bricc that would make you feel like you’ve been transported to Installation 07 every time you lathered up. “When developing the composition of the Spartan Scrub bar we sought to utilize a unique selection of herbs that would create a perfect blend of both form and functionality. We chose skin-conditioning ingredients which were equally rooted in both Halo’s extensive lore and game-play, and you might have even walked past one of them in a previous campaign run.” says Product Development Specialist Greg Hall. The bar’s unique ingredients, Sevenbark root, Little John, and St. John’s Wort all have distinct callbacks to the Halo universe and help you power up your shower. The team also pulled color inspiration from the Spartan’s Mjolnir green armor and the iconic helmet with orange visor worn by the Master Chief for the bricc’s swirl design.

The Scent: Make It Smell Like Weapons

So what would an iconic, battle-tested video game character smell like? Pretty damn good, it turns out. Using the metal of Halo armor and weapons as a reference point, our Fragrance Team developed the bricc’s amazing scent called “Valor & Victory”. Our Fragrance Development Manager Emma says “We combined scents of silver sage, yuzu, and cedarwood to create a unique blend for Spartan Scrub. It has a woody, masculine freshness about it, but also has a slight metallic note to it that was inspired by the Master Chief.” How about that for a powerful weapon that’s going to help you slay your stink?

Video game soap, BOOM. We can’t wait for everyone in Squatch and Halo nation to experience this killtacular new bricc experience. So, strap on those plasma grenades and prepare for battle, Spartan Scrub has landed!

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