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6 Creative Ways to Workout at Home Without Equipment

Here are some great ideas for ways to workout at home without equipment – using everyday items that you already have laying around your house.

The world is shutting down for the most part right now, so we’re all left to improvise our work schedules, our social schedules, our methods of daily living, our future plans(!) and yes, our workout routines. Whether you’re one of those people who are totally tied to their fitness routine or are just pursuing fitness for the first time amidst sheer boredom and a dire need to escape the paranoia from daily news headlines – we’re all trying to figure out how to get some exercise. 

So we urge you to be creative in your fitness endeavors – and improvise! To start you off, we’ve got some great ideas for what you can do to workout at home without equipment – using everyday items that you already have laying around your house. 

Note: Dr. Squatch totally condones these ideas, but will not be held responsible for any destruction or embarrassment that may come as a result from these workout tactics. 

1. Furniture Obstacle Course

Okay, we know this is a favorite game for children, but that shouldn’t mean adults can’t take part. Have you ever seen American Ninja Warrior? Exactly: obstacle courses are legit.

Using any space you have in your home or somewhere outside your home where you can practice social distancing, set up an obstacle course and get through it as fast as you can. Time yourself and try to beat your time each round. It’s peculiar, but these are peculiar times, man.


The best part? You don’t have to worry too much about reorganizing your furniture and living space. You’ll have plenty of time on your hands to move it back when you’re done. Now, flip your furniture over and get to it!

2. Anything Goes Free Weights

Free weights are a fantastic way for people of any age to tone their muscles and stay healthy. However, if you don’t have a pair of free weights, there are other objects already in your house that will work just as well:

  1. A can of beans! 
  2. Or a can of anything, for that matter: soup, carrots, creamed corn, fruit, whatever. 
  3. Books
  4. Bricks (or briccs – if you know, you know.) 
  5. Boots
  6. Bottles of shampoo
  7. You get the point.

3. Deck of Cards

Deck of Pain is a workout game probably invented by a renegade with a sick sense of humor. Why? Because a deck of cards will always be a sign of relaxation and leisure, until you play this game. Okay, here are the rules: 

  1. Find deck of cards (don’t worry about missing cards; less cards means less intensity)
  2. Shuffle deck of cards
  3. Designate one specific exercise for each suit in the deck (Push-ups for Spades, crunches for Hearts, squats for Diamonds etc.)
  4. The number on the card will determine how many reps you will do of that specific exercise (a 7 of Spades translates to 7 push-ups)
  5. Begin by flipping one card at a time and following along
  6. The game ends when the cards have all been flipped

Deck of Pain is a fast-paced, high-energy indoor (or outdoor, if you’re so bold) workout that will test your endurance and strength. Plus, you can go at your own pace; depending on which exercises you choose, the game can be as difficult as you want it to be. This game is especially fun when you play with multiple people. So, if you have roommates or a significant other, or parents for that matter, see if they want to join in!

4. The Soap Treadmill

While we prefer to use our soap in the shower after working out, we gotta give it to this guy- a true inspiration. We have not tried this so cannot speak to the safety of this method, but with much adoration, we present to you: The Soap Treadmill! 

5. Your Smart Phone

You may have already been involved in an Instagram Story challenge. Unlike other popular challenges that require one to chug a gallon of milk, dump a bucket of ice over one’s head or inhale a spoonful of cinnamon, these challenges are a little more productive. 

Friends have been challenging each other to complete straightforward exercises like ten push-ups, or attempting more inventive exercises like squatting with their dog ten times (not as bad as it sounds). So if you’re feeling fun, inventive, or plagued by the utter lack of social interaction caused by this virus, scroll through Insta start challenging. 

And if you need some more motivation, nothing screams “reward” like donuts.


There are also tons of online classes that you can do, right from your phone. A friend of mine (@nataliaphotographs) is a parkour enthusiast and all-around fitness guru, who, like many other fitness professionals, is hosting free hour-long parkour workout classes online from inside her home. Today, Natalia’s class got people doing dead-lifts with backpacks full of books, dips between chairs, and guided mobility training. 

These types of classes give fitness professionals an outlet and chance to make some money through donation and they inspire people to stay connected and healthy. 

6. Music and Speakers

This one is pretty straightforward. In fact it’s so easy that you may have forgotten it entirely. People, we’re talking about dancing! One of the most inherent and free expressions of the human soul. There is literally no one watching, so now, more than ever, is the time to throw on your favorite record (or song on Spotify), drop the needle (or simply press Play) and turn up the volume! There are endless options for what will come next.

If you’re content on just tearing up your living room floor with whatever moves come naturally, do your thing! If you want to test out some classic dance forms, start with The Hustle and end with Cotton-Eyed-Joe. If you want to get into some choreographed stuff, throw on any live video of K-Pop sensation, BTS, and see what you can do…good luck!

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