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How to Make the Ultimate 2020 New Year Bucket List

Aren’t you sick of wondering how to keep your New Year’s resolutions? This year, let’s just skip the empty promises that come with typical resolutions and make a 2020 bucket list instead.

It’s only been a week since the start of 2020, but aren’t you already sick of wondering how to keep your New Year’s resolutions? This year, let’s just skip the empty promises that come with typical resolutions and make a 2020 bucket list. We promise that it’ll be way more fun than going beast mode at the gym trying to get rid of your beer belly – we like beer too much to give it up anyways.

Here’s the ultimate guide to making your New Year bucket list (and some inspiration from our very own Dr. Squatch bucket list).

Why Should I Make a Bucket List?

Unlike what Morgan Freeman told us ten years ago, death doesn’t have to be knocking at your door for you to finally do all of the things that you’ve been *dying* to try. A bucket list is basically just a fun version of resolutions – so you can tell that to your grandma in case she gives you flack about it.

What Do I Put on my Bucket List?

It’s your list, so if your goal is to learn how to make shot glasses out of meat, or to hone your hammer skills to finally win that game of stump, who are we to judge?

We’re not here to tell you what your goals should be, but we are here to inspire you to make the best 2020 bucket list of all time. Keep reading for the best bucket list ideas of the year.

1. Actually Take that Trip You’ve Been Talking About

Tired of your daily routine of rolling out of bed, dragging yourself to work, then cracking open a cold one on the couch before you fall asleep, just to do it all over again? It’s time to switch it up and go somewhere new (and bucket-list worthy).

Here’s how you know a trip is bucket-list worthy: you’ve been wanting to take a trip but you never thought you’d have the chance. So no, a weekend in Vegas with the boys doesn’t count.

Some ideas for bucket-list worthy trips that you can actually do in 2020: A coast-to-coast road trip or camping in the rugged beauty of South Dakota’s Bedlands National Park.

Pro tip: the best flight deals are in August and September, and Tuesday/Wednesday are the cheapest days to fly. If you’re driving, head south or into the midwest — the states with the lowest gas prices are North Carolina, Virginia and Oklahoma, so make a point to fuel up if you’re passing through.

On the Dr. Squatch bucket list: Take a trip to  Montana’s Glacier National Park and go for a dip in Lake McDonald (did someone say Polar Plunge?). Also try not to get mauled by a bear. 

2. Sign Up for a Physical Challenge

Few things will make you feel as good as going beast mode at competitive event. Get blasted with paint at a 5K color run, head to the Pacific Northwest to Beat the Blerch (that blobby monster from the Oatmeal comics), or try a Tough Mudder where your next Tinder profile picture will practically take itself. Or do an Iron Man, which is basically the manliest thing you can do.

One dude claims he did one without even training, but we recommend not following his example.

On the Dr. Squatch bucket list: Run the 42 mile, 3-day, Rogue River trail race in Oregon. We’re not joking – Connor, our very own Squatch employee, has this on his 2020 bucket list and is training to run it in in May. Told you that we’re manly!

3. Eat Something Absurd

Trade in your regularly scheduled slice of pizza for something strange or ridiculous that you’ve been too scared busy to try. Maybe it’s eating rattlesnake nuggets or a lamb brain sandwich.

If you cringe before you bite, you’re doing it right. 

On the Dr. Squatch bucket list: Complete the 72 oz. steak challenge. No resolution diets for us! Go big or go home.

4. Master Your Craft

Maybe you’ve always wanted to use newfound woodworking skills to make a dining room table with your own bare hands, or brew a homemade batch of IPA in your bathtub, or hone your guitar skills and play it live at your favorite bar. 2020 is the year to put your skills to the test.

On the Dr. Squatch bucket list: Write and perform original standup comedy at an open mic night. Our web developer, Will, is doing this one and we’re all going to watch. We won’t make too much fun of him. If he can do it, you can do it.

5. Binge a Record-Worthy Amount of TV

Bet you’ve never seen this one on a resolutions list!

Remember to set aside a few hours for some quality “me time” with a nice TV binge – you deserve it. We know you can watch at least five whole series by December 31, 2020. 

On the Dr. Squatch bucket list: Sit through both versions of Twin Peaks without a break, then re-watch Breaking Bad just to see that Chicken Man death scene again. Before March. 

6. Rock the Facial Hair of Your (prepubescent) Dreams

Is there a beard that you’ve dreamt of growing since puberty? Put the razor away for a few months and let nature take its course. If a whole beard isn’t your thing, go for a sleek ‘stache. If you need inspiration, check out our ideas for different styles you can try.

And hey, if it really doesn’t work out, you can always shave the whole thing off and pretend it never happened.

On the Dr. Squatch bucket list: Grow a Chevron Mustache in homage to Nick Offerman.

7. Do Something Generous for No Reason

You have to be a gentleman before you can be a man. Or was it the other way around? Either way, do something nice and out of the blue for someone else.

On the Dr. Squatch bucket list: Leave a 30% tip for the Hooters waitress. Who says chivalry is dead?

8. Throw a Dinner Party that Would Make Mom Proud

Let me take a wild guess – your kitchen skills are limited to takeout or spaghetti with butter. Real men can cook, so It’s time you master a specialty dish. Surprise your buddies with a home cooked meal when they show up for the usual night of pizza and football, 30 racks in tow.

 Pro tip: Your signature dish doesn’t have to be just dinner. The ladies love a man who can cook a mean batch of cupcakes.

On the Dr. Squatch bucket list: Figure out how to debone a duck, then bake the meat in a pastry like a regular Guy Fieri.

9. Pee Your Pants

Sorry, I should clarify. Do something so terrifying awesome that you’ll wish you wore a man-sized diaper, just in case your bodily functions don’t cooperate. 

It doesn’t have to be as extreme as skydiving or free-solo climbing, although those would both be pretty cool (if you do those and survive will you let us know?). Anything that makes your stomach flip and gets your adrenaline pumping will suffice as a bucket list item. 

On the Dr. Squatch bucket list: Conquer a 60ft cliff jump – and then never do it again. Here’s some of our inspiration:

10. Roll the Dice

Sick of going to that thankless job every morning, in your little cubicle with your mean boss across the hall?

Invest in yourself this year and find the job you really want- or finally turn your “big idea” into a real business and be your own boss. Our founder Jack did it! You can do it too.

On the Dr. Squatch bucket list: Psh. Already living the dream over here.

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